Contact lenses

From 1 euro per day, we offer the best solution on the market contact lenses to resolve your vision and ensure the health of your eyes.

We work with the best contact lenses on the market enabling us to ensure that it adapts well to myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia.

All our suppliers comply with the strictest safety standards in both the manufacturing and packaging demonstrated by the CE marking on all products.

Each lens, each eye, each person is different, so we advise that the maintenance system is the right to keep your lenses and perfect your eyes, we have the training, accreditation and experience to advise the best solution for cleaning and maintenance of your lenses.

Ifach Optics offer a wide variety of models in contact lenses to suit your needs. Our range of lenses ranging from the classic to the most daring model with or without graduation. We also have cleaning supplies for the lenses, since it is essential to perform maintenance thereof for which there are no consequences, as we explain in more detail.

Maintenance of contact lenses

Contact lenses, so they have a good operation, maintenance should be performed periodically, as they adhere to these elements that come to form deposits on the surface of the lens becoming intolerable continued use. These elements can be particles from the environment like dust, pollen of some plants, waste paint, fleece fabrics and others that are floating in the atmosphere. Other elements that adhere to the lens from the same eye, such as proteins, muscina, fat and electrolytes that come to form strong shells to break hard links if we take advantage.

Therefore it is important to clean to remove these deposits. This procedure is called deproteinization and aims to break the links that form proteins, to release the lens of these impurities.